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İngilizce » Çince (Trad.) Yukarı
find out
  • {V} 查出, 查明, 得知, 跡察, 看出, 了解, 摸, 順風轉舵, 廋, 廋疏, 探悉, 詢, 詢問, 鍼砭

İngilizce » Çince (Trad.) İlişkili Sonuçlar Yukarı
In which aisle can I find coffee?
  • {PHR} 在哪個走道我能找到咖啡?
find an answer
  • {V}
I want to find an apartment for rent.
  • {PHR} 我想要租公寓。
I can't find my baggage.
  • {PHR} 我找不到我的行李。
Where can I find cereals?
  • {PHR} 我在哪里能找到穀物?
Where can I find a coffee shop?
  • {PHR} 我在哪里能找到咖啡店?
Where can I find coffee?
  • {PHR} 我在哪里能找到咖啡?
Where can I find a collection of poetry?
  • {PHR} 我在哪里能發現詩歌集?
Where can I find a collection of stories?
  • {PHR} 我在哪里能發現小說集?
find smth. a great convenience
  • {V} 稱便
find it difficult to
  • {V} 礙難
Where can I find a diner?
  • {PHR} 我在哪里能找到飯店?
Where can I find a drive-in?
  • {PHR} 我在哪里能找到免下車服務店?
find an excuse
  • {V} 借故
have everything one expects to find
  • {V} 應有盡有
I find it a little expensive.
  • {PHR} 我發現它有點貴。
find fault
  • {V} 挑錯, 找碴兒
find Dinle! {faınd}
  • {N} 拾物, 發現
  • {V} 發覺, 感到, 搜索, 搜尋, 感覺到, 藪, 檢測, 偷
be unable to find
  • {V}
cannot find
  • {V} 找不到