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İngilizce » İngilizce Yukarı
Major Dinle!
Greater in number, quantity, or extent; as, the major part of the assembly; the major part of the revenue; the major part of the territory.
Major Dinle!
Of greater dignity; more important.
Major Dinle!
Of full legal age.
Major Dinle!
Greater by a semitone, either in interval or in difference of pitch from another tone.
Major Dinle!
An officer next in rank above a captain and next below a lieutenant colonel; the lowest field officer.

İngilizce » İngilizce İlişkili Sonuçlar Yukarı
Aid-major The adjutant of a regiment. n.
Tierce-major See Tierce, 4. n.
Drum major .
Drum major The chief or first drummer of a regiment; an instructor of drummers.
Drum major The marching leader of a military band.
Drum major A noisy gathering. [R.] See under Drum, n., 4.
Etat Major The staff of an army, including all officers above the rank of colonel, also, all adjutants, inspectors, quartermasters, commissaries, engineers, ordnance officers, paymasters, physicians, signal officers, judge advocates; also, the noncommissioned assistants of the above officers.
Major-domo A man who has authority to act, within certain limits, as master of the house; a steward; also, a chief minister or officer. n.
Major general An officer of the army holding a rank next above that of brigadier general and next below that of lieutenant general, and who usually commands a division or a corps.