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İngilizce » İngilizce Yukarı
Wind Dinle!
To turn completely, or with repeated turns; especially, to turn about something fixed; to cause to form convolutions about anything; to coil; to twine; to twist; to wreathe; as, to wind thread on a spool or into a ball.
v. t.
Wind Dinle!
To entwist; to infold; to encircle.
v. t.
Wind Dinle!
To have complete control over; to turn and bend at one's pleasure; to vary or alter or will; to regulate; to govern.
v. t.
Wind Dinle!
To introduce by insinuation; to insinuate.
v. t.
Wind Dinle!
To cover or surround with something coiled about; as, to wind a rope with twine.
v. t.

İngilizce » İngilizce İlişkili Sonuçlar Yukarı
Broken wind The heaves.
Thick wind A defect of respiration in a horse, that is unassociated with noise in breathing or with the signs of emphysema.
Wind-break To break the wind of; to cause to lose breath; to exhaust. v. t.
Wind-break A clump of trees serving for a protection against the force of wind. n.
Wind-broken Dinle!
Having the power of breathing impaired by the rupture, dilatation, or running together of air cells of the lungs, so that while the inspiration is by one effort, the expiration is by two; affected with pulmonary emphysema or with heaves; -- said of a horse.
Wind-fertilized Anemophilous; fertilized by pollen borne by the wind. a.
Wind-plant A windflower. n.
Wind-rode Caused to ride or drive by the wind in opposition to the course of the tide; -- said of a vessel lying at anchor, with wind and tide opposed to each other. a.
Wind-sucker A horse given to wind-sucking n.
Wind-sucker The kestrel. n.
Wind-sucking A vicious habit of a horse, consisting in the swallowing of air; -- usually associated with crib-biting, or cribbing. See Cribbing, 4. n.