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Türkçe » İngilizce Yukarı
  • {N} foot, stand, stillage, buttress, hoof, plates
  • {SUFF} -pod
  • {N} tootsy
1. foot.
2. leg.
3. base, pedestal, footing.
4. treadle (of a sewing machine).
5. shaft (of a loom).
6. tributary.
7. outlet (of a lake).
8. step (in stairs).
9. gait, pace.
10. folk poetry rhyme; rhyme word.
11. foot (measure).
12. intersection between two lines or between a line and a plane.

1. standing, on one´s feet.
2. excited, aroused.
3. med. ambulatory.

__tan (satış) (selling meat) on the hoof (as opposed to butchered meat).

__ını alamamak
1. /dan/ to be unable to refrain (from).
2. to be unable to use one´s feet (because of pains or because they have gone asleep).

__ı alışmak /a/ to make a habit of going to.

__ını altına almak to sit on one´s leg.

__ının altına almak /ı/
1. to beat, give a beating (to), thrash.
2. to ignore, transgress, violate.
3. to push aside (something useful).

__lar altına almak /ı/ to trample on, disregard.

__ının altına karpuz kabuğu koymak /ın/ to scheme to get (someone) fired.

__ının altında olmak (for a view) to be spread out beneath one.


__larının altını öpeyim. colloq. For God´s sake.

__ atmak
1. /a/ to go (to) for the first time.
2. to take a step.

__ atmamak /a/ not to go to; to stay away from.

__ ayak üstüne atmak to cross one´s legs.

__ bağı
1. impediment, hindrance, hobble, fetter.
2. person who creates an obligation and responsibility.

__ının bağını çözmek /ın/
1. to divorce (one´s wife).
2. to free (someone) to act.

__ına bağ olmak /ın/ to hinder (one).

__ına bağ vurmak/

__ını bağlamak /ın/ to hinder.

__ basmak /a/
1. to arrive (at), enter.
2. to begin, enter, start (a job).

__ basmamak /a/ not to go to; to stay away from.

__lar baş, başlar ayak oldu. colloq. The first have become last, the last first./The social order is reversed and upstarts are in charge.

__ bileği
1. ankle.
2. anat. tarsus.

__ları birbirine dolaşmak to stumble over one´s own feet.

__ına çabuk quick, quick to come and go.

__ını çabuk tutmak to hurry, walk quickly.

__ına çağırmak /ı/ to call (someone) into one´s presence.

__ını çekmek /dan/ to stop going to (a place).

__ına çelme takmak /ın/
1. to trip up.
2. to prevent (another´s) success.

__ını çıkarmak to take off one´s shoes.

__ değiştirmek to get into step by changing one´s foot (in marching).

__ını denk/tetik almak to be on one´s guard.

__ını denk basmak to be careful, be wary.

__ diremek to insist, put one´s foot down.

__ına dolanmak/dolaşmak
1. to crowd around and create confusion.
2. /ın/ to obstruct.
3. to boomerang, recoil on oneself.

__ı dolaşmak
1. to trip over one´s own feet.
2. to get flustered and do something wrong.

__ları dolaşmak to trip on one´s feet, get one´s feet tangled up.

__ında donu yok, fesleğen ister/takar başına. colloq. She likes to show off regardless of her poverty.

__ta duramama astasia.

__ta durmak to stand, remain standing.

__a düşmek to have outsiders meddling in (a matter).

__ı düşmek /a/ to drop in on (a place, a house), visit while passing by.

__ına düşmek /ın/ to beg, implore.

__ı düze basmak to get over the hard part of something.

__a fırlamak to jump to one´s feet.

__ freni foot brake.

__ına geçirmek /ı/ to pull on (one´s trousers).

__ına (kadar) gelmek /ın/
1. to make (someone) a personal visit (as an act of deference).
2. (for any desired thing) to come to (one) by itself.

__ları geri geri gitmek to go reluctantly, drag one´s feet.

__ına getirmek /ı/ to have (something or someone) brought to one.

__ına gitmek /ın/ to make (someone) a personal visit (as an act of deference).

__ını giymek to put on one´s shoes. (kendi)

__ı ile gelmek
1. to come on one´s own initiative.
2. to fall into one´s lap.

__ına ip takmak /ın/ to backbite.

__ işi errands and small deeds.

__ izi footprint.

__a kaldırmak /ı/
1. to upset, excite (a group).
2. to incite, stir up (a group) to rebellion.

__a kalkmak
1. to stand up, get up, rise to one´s feet.
2. to recover and get out of bed.
3. to get excited, be aroused.

__ta kalmak
1. to be left without a seat.
2. to remain standing; to have lasted.


__larına kara su/ sular inmek to be exhausted from standing.

__ını kaydırmak /ın/ to get (someone) fired.

__ını kesmek
1. /dan/ to stop going (to).
2. /ın, dan/ to get (someone) to stop going (to).

__ kirası tip given to a person who brings a message or an article to one.

__ makinesi treadle sewing machine.


__larını öpeyim. colloq. I beg you./I implore you.

__ının pabucunu başına giymek
1. to marry an inferior.
2. to raise an inferior to a position above his rank.

__ına pabuç olamamak/

__ının pabucu olamamak /ın/ to be inferior to (someone).

__ parmağı toe.

__ satıcısı peddler.

__ sesi footstep.

__ına sıcak su mu dökelim, soğuk su mu? colloq. How wonderful that you´ve come! Why have you neglected us?


__ları suya ermek/değmek to be disillusioned, find out the sad truth and come to one´s senses.

__ sürtmek to walk around a great deal.

__ sürümek
1. to look for a way out of a job.
2. to drag one´s feet.

__ını sürümek
1. to drag one´s feet on a matter.
2. to be on the verge of leaving.
3. to be at the point of death.
4. to delay one´s departure.
5. in popular belief to come and thus be the cause of another´s coming.

__ tarağı anat. metatarsus.

__ tedavisi treatment given in the outpatient clinic of a hospital.

__ını tek almak to be on one´s guard.

__ına tez quick, quick to come and go.

__ının tozu ile having just arrived.

__ta tutmak /ı/
1. to keep (someone) standing.
2. to keep (someone) on his feet, keep (someone) out of trouble.
3. to keep (an old custom) alive; to sustain, preserve.

__ıyla tuzağa düşmek to let oneself fall into a trap.

__ının türabı olmak /ın/ to be (someone´s) slave.

__ı uğurlu (one) who brings good luck.

__ uydurmak /a/
1. to fall in step; to keep in step (with).
2. to conform one´s behavior to.
3. to compose a line which rhymes with (a previous line).

__ta uyumak to be dead on one´s feet.

__ üstü/üzeri without sitting down, in haste.

__ını vurmak (for a shoe) to chafe one´s foot.

__ yapmak /a/ slang to dupe, cheat.

__ı yerden kesilmek
1. to be off the ground.
2. to be saved from walking (by using a vehicle).

__larını yerden kesmek
1. to ride instead of walking.
2. /ın/ wrestling to lift (one´s opponent) off his feet.


__ı yere değmemek to be walking on air.

__ını yorganına göre uzat. proverb Live within your income.
ayak * foot. * leg. * base, pedestal, footing. * treadle (of a sewing machine). * shaft (of a loom). * tributary. * outlet (of a lake). * step (in stairs). * gait, pace. * _folk poetry_ rhyme; rhyme word. * foot (measure).
ayak feet

Türkçe » İngilizce İlişkili Sonuçlar Yukarı
ağır ayak sesi
  • {N} tramp
arka ayak
  • {N} leg: hind leg
Ayak parmağım çıktı.
  • {PHR} toe: I dislocated my toe.
ayak altında
  • {ADV} underfoot
ayak altında çiğnemek
  • {V} tread under foot
ayak bağı
  • {N} impediment, hobble, hindrance, tie, trammel, wedlock
ayak bakımı
  • {N} chiropody
ayak basacak sağlam yer
  • {N} foothold, footing
ayak basacak yer
  • {N} toe-hold
ayak basılmamış
  • {A} untrodden, unbeaten, unexplored
ayak basma
  • {N} stamping
ayak basmak
  • {V} foot: set foot
ayak başparmağı
  • {N} big toe
ayak bileği
  • {N} ankle, tarsus, talus
ayak bileği ile ilgili
  • {A} tarsal
ayak bileği kemiği
  • {N} ankle, tarsus, knucklebone, tarsal bone, tarsal
ayak bileği yan kemiği
  • {N} malleolus
ayak bileziği
  • {N} anklet
ayak dayayacak yer
  • {N} footrest
ayak değirmeni
  • {N} treadmill