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İngilizce » Türkçe Yukarı
el Dinle! {el}
  • {N} yol üzerindeki köprüden geçen demiryolu
el bak. elevated railway
el (bak.) elevated railway

Türkçe » İngilizce Yukarı
  • {A} carry-on, hand, hand-operated, hand-held
  • {N} hand, fist, flapper, shot: one shot, other person, fin
1. stranger, alien.
2. people; tribe.
3. country.

el adamı stranger.

el ağzı ile çorba içmek to adopt the views of another as one´s own.

elin ağzı torba değil ki büzesin. proverb You can´t stop people from talking.

el elden üstündür (ta arşa kadar). proverb Everyone has his superior.

el eliyle yılan tutmak to have another person do the dangerous job.

elle gelen düğün bayram. proverb We are all in the same boat.

el gün people, others.

ele güne karşı
1. in front of everybody; in the eyes of everybody.
2. in order to save face.

ele güne rezil olmak to be embarrassed in the presence of others.

el kapısı
1. place where one works for another to earn one´s living.
2. the house of the bride´s in-laws.
1. hand.
2. handwriting.
3. power, control.
4. assistance.
5. possession, ownership.
6. shot (discharge of a firearm).
7. playing cards deal.

1. in hand, on hand.
2. in hand, being done.
3. won over.

eldeki on hand, which is on hand.

elden by hand, personally.

elinde under his care; under his control.

elinden because of.

1. in care of, c/o.
2. by the hand of.

eli açık generous, munificent, bountiful.

el açmak
1. to beg for alms.
2. to ask someone for money.
3. to turn a card up on the discard pile.

eli ağır
1. slow, working slowly.
2. heavy-fisted, hitting hard.

eline ağır slow (worker).

eli ağzında kalmak to be astonished.

elden ağıza yaşamak to live from hand to mouth.

ele alınır in good condition, useful.

ele alınmaz in very bad condition.

el alışkanlığı/uzluğu/yatkınlığı skill, practice.

eli alışmak
1. to become skillful.
2. to get used to doing something.

el almak
1. dervish orders to receive permission to initiate others.
2. to become a master craftsman.
3. playing cards to take a trick.

elden almak /ı/ to buy (something) straight from the producer.

ele almak /ı/ to take up, consider (a matter).

eline almak /ı/ to take (someone, something) in hand, take charge of.

el altında handy, within reach.


elinin altında
1. at one´s disposal, at one´s service.
2. handy, within easy reach.

el altından in an underhanded way, underhandedly, underhand, secretly.

el altlığı desk pad (used to provide a desk top with a cushioned surface).

el arabası
1. wheelbarrow.
2. school slang masturbation.

eli armut devşirmiyor/toplamıyor ya! colloq. Don´t worry, he can defend himself.

el atmak /a/
1. to put one´s hand to, undertake.
2. to mix in, interfere in (another´s affair).
3. to grab at, lay one´s hand on, grasp.

ele avuca sığmaz out of hand, uncontrollable, very mischievous.

elde avuçta bir şey kalmamak to have nothing left.

elde avuçta nesi varsa everything he has, all he possesses.

eli ayağı bağlı not free to act, having one´s hands tied.

eli ayağı buz kesilmek
1. to be very cold.
2. to be stunned.

elini ayağını çekmek /dan/
1. to stop going to (a place).
2. to stop doing (something).

el ayak çekilmek to be deserted and quiet.

eli ayağı dolaşmak to be so upset that one does nothing right.

elden ayaktan düşmek to become infirm by illness or old age.

eli ayağı düzgün lacking in bodily defects.

eli ayağı gevşemek to have no strength in one´s muscles (because of heat or fear).

eline ayağına kapanmak/düşmek/sarılmak /ın/ to implore.

eli ayağı kesilmek/tutmamak to be limp and helpless (because of an event or bad news).

elini ayağını kesmek
1. /dan/ to stop going to (a place).
2. /ın, dan/ to stop (someone) from coming to (a place).

eli ayağı olmak /ın/ to be (one´s) helper, be (one´s) right hand.

elini ayağını öpeyim. colloq. I beg you./I implore you.

eli ayağı titremek to tremble from fear or nervousness.

eli ayağı tutmak to be physically sound and strong.

eline ayağına üşenmemek to do active work without grumbling.

el ayası the palm of one´s hand.

eli aza varmamak to be overgenerous in buying or using something.

el bağlamak to fold one´s hands respectfully in front of oneself.

elini bağlamak /ın/ to tie (someone´s) hands.

ele bakmak to read palms, practice palmistry.

eline bakmak /ın/
1. to depend on (someone) for one´s living.
2. to look at (someone´s) hands to see what has been brought.

el basmak /a/ to swear by placing one´s hand on (something sacred).

eli bayraklı quarrelsome, impudent, and abusive (person).

el bebek gül bebek spoiled, pampered.

eli belinde
1. alert, ready for action.
2. spoiling for a fight.

elini belli etmek/göstermek playing cards to expose one´s hand.

el bende! children´s game I´m it!

el benden, sebep Allahtan. I have done what I can to help you. Your recovery is in God´s hands (used only in cases of illness).

el bezi small damp cloth (for wiping one´s hands or mouth after eating).

el bıçkısı a small handsaw.

elini bırakıp ayağını, ayağını bırakıp elini öpmek /ın/
1. to plead with (someone).
2. to kiss (someone´s) hand as a sign of great joy.

elden bırakmak /ı/ to give (something) up.

elde bir sure thing, a certainty.

elinden bir sakatlık/kaza çıkmak to cause accidental damage, have an accident.

elinden bir şey gelmemek not to find any way to solve the problem.

eli bol well supplied with money and what is needed for the job.

el bombası hand grenade.

eli boş
1. empty-handed.
2. unemployed, idle.

eli boş dönmek/çevrilmek/geri gelmek to return empty-handed.

eli böğründe kalmak to be utterly discouraged and helpless.

el bulmak to find a helping hand.

elde bulunan on hand, available.

elinde bulunmak/olmak /ın/ to be owned by.

elini cebine atmak to reach for one´s wallet.

eli cebine varmamak not to be willing to spend money.


eline çabuk fast (worker), efficient.

elini çabuk tutmak to hurry up, be quick.

el çabukluğu sleight of hand, legerdemain.

el çekmek /dan/ to withdraw from, give up, relinquish.

el çektirmek /a, dan/ to dismiss or fire (someone) from (a job or work).

elden çıkarmak /ı/ to sell.

elden çıkmak
1. to go out of one´s possession.
2. to be out of one´s hands.

el çırpmak to clap one´s hands.

eli dar/darda hard up for money.

elimde değil. There´s nothing I can do about it.

el değirmeni coffee mill; hand mill, quern.

el değiştirmek to change hands, change owners.

eli değmek /a/ to find the time to do (something).

el değmemiş intact; untouched by hands.

ellerin dert görmesin! May your hands never see any trouble (said in gratitude to someone who has helped one).

elime doğdu. colloq. I´ve known him since he was born.

eli dursa ayağı durmaz. colloq. He won´t stay still for a minute (usually said of children).

elden düşme secondhand.

eline düşmek /ın/
1. to fall under (one´s) control.
2. to be caught (by).
3. to need (someone).
4. to come into (one´s) possession.

elinden düşürmemek /ı/ to use (something) continually.

elde ediliş değeri cost.

eli ekmek tutmak to begin to support oneself for the first time.

elinde ekşimek /ın/ colloq. to turn into long-drawn-out drudgery owing to someone´s bad management (used only of a work or project).

el ele hand in hand.

elden ele from hand to hand, from person to person.

elden ele dolaşmak to change hands many times.

elden ele geçmek to change owners.

elden ele gezmek to go about, circulate, pass from hand to hand, change hands many times.

el ele tutuşmak to take each other by the hand.

el el üstünde kimin eli var? children´s game “Whose hand is on top?” (played by piling hands on the back of a bending child who has to guess whose hand is on top of the pile).

el ele vermek to join forces, cooperate.

el eli yur, iki el (de) yüzü. proverb (One hand washes the other and two hands wash the face.) We all need each other.

el emeği
1. handwork, labor.
2. pay (for work).

el ense wrestling a hold that pinions the opponent´s throat and the back of his neck.

el ense çekmek /a/,

el ense etmek /ı/ to pinion (one´s opponent´s) throat and neck.

el erimi arm´s length, reach.

eli ermemek /a/
1. not to have time for.
2. not to be able to reach.

eli ermez, gücü yetmez helpless in the face of a difficult situation.

el etek çekildikten sonra when everybody is gone.

elini eteğini çekmek /dan/ to withdraw, be through with (something).

eline eteğine doğru well-behaved, honest, virtuous.

el etek/ayak öpmek
1. to implore.
2. to flatter someone.

eline eteğine sarılmak /ın/ to plead with.

el etmek /a/ to motion or signal (someone) to come.

elde etmek /ı/
1. to get.
2. to win (someone) over; to get (someone) to one´s side.

el falı handreading, palmistry, chirognomy, chiromancy.

el feneri flashlight.

el freni hand brake.

elden geçirmek /ı/ to sort through, go through (something or things) (in order to correct, repair, replace, etc.).

ele geçirmek /ı/
1. to catch, capture.
2. to get, get hold of.

ele geçmek
1. to be caught.
2. to be gotten.

eline geçmek
1. to earn.
2. to come across, meet.
3. to find, get.
4. to catch.

ele geçmez not easy to get, hard to find.

elden gel bakalım ...! /ı/ slang Come on, hand over (the money)!

elden geldiği kadar/geldiğince as much as one can.

elinden geleni ardına/arkasına komamak to do all the bad one can, do one´s best to harm or hurt someone or something.

elinden geleni yapmak to do all one can, do one´s level best.

elden gelmek
1. to be within one´s capabilities.
2. /ı/ slang to give over, cough up, fork over, hand over.

ele gelmek
1. to come in handy.
2. (for a baby) to be old enough to be carried in one´s arms.

elinden gelmek to be able to do.

elden gelmemek (with a negative infinitive) to be unable to keep from (doing something), find it impossible (not to do something).

elinden gelmemek to be unable to do.

eli geniş generous.

eli genişlemek to come into money.

ellerde gezmek to be very popular.

elden gitmek to be lost, be gone.

eli gitmek /a/ to reach for.

elini göğsüne koymak to be fair, act conscientiously.

eli hafif skillful, light of touch.

elim hamur karnım aç. colloq. I do all the work but get nothing out of it.

elinin hamuru ile erkek işine karışmak (for a woman) to meddle in a man´s business.

elden hibe law executed gift.

elinden hiçbir şey kurtulmamak to be able to do anything, be very skillful.

el ilanı handbill.

el ile tutulur tangible.

elinden iş çıkmamak to be slow-working, be incapable of finishing a job.

elinden iş gelmek to be skillful and productive.

el işçiliği handwork, handiwork.

eli işe yatmak to be skillful.

el işi
1. handwork, handiwork.
2. handmade.

eli işte/aşta, gözü oynaşta. colloq. She daydreams while she is working (said only of a woman).

elden kaçırmak /ı/ to miss (an opportunity, a chance).

el kadar very small.

elini kalbine/vicdanına koyarak being careful to be just.

el kaldırmak
1. to raise one´s hand (for attention or to vote).
2. /a/ to raise one´s hand against (someone).

eli kalem tutmak
1. to know how to write.
2. to be able to write well, express oneself well in writing.


elinde kalmak /ın/
1. to be under the control of (someone).
2. to remain unsold.

eline kalmak /ın/ to be left to the care of (someone).

elini kana bulamak/bulaştırmak to commit bloody murder.

el kantarı steelyard, lever scales.

el katmak /a/
1. to interfere (in).
2. to participate (in).

elinden kaza çıkmak to cause an accident.

ellerine kına yaksın! colloq. Now she can rejoice (said ironically).

eli kırılmak /a/ to get used to (a job).

eli kırılsın! May his hand break in two!

eli kısa slang awkward, incapable.

el kiri something one can easily give up.

elini kolunu bağlamak /ın/ to make (someone) unable to do something.

eli kolu/ayağı bağlı kalmak to have one´s hands tied, not to be able to do what one wants.

elini kolunu sallaya sallaya gelmek
1. to come without a gift.
2. to come back empty-handed.

elini kolunu sallaya sallaya gezmek to wander around undauntedly; to wander around scot-free.

el koymak /a/
1. to take over the investigation of (an unlawful act).
2. to confiscate; to sequester.

eliyle koymuş gibi bulmak /ı/ to find (something) easily (as though one had put it there himself).

eli koynunda
1. unemployed.
2. helpless, powerless, without resource.

eli koynunda kalmak to be utterly discouraged and helpless.

el koyucu imperialist.

el koyuculuk imperialism.

elinin/ölünün körü! What nonsense!/Shut up!

elini kulağına atmak to cup one´s hand behind one´s ear (in singing a song).

eli kulağında about to happen, just around the corner.

elinden kurtulmak /ın/ to succeed in escaping from (someone).

eli kurusun! May his hand wither up!

eli maşalı quarrelsome, impudent, and abusive (person).

elleri nasır bağlamak to get calluses from hard work.

elden ne gelir? What can be done?/ What can one do?

el oğuşturmak to wring one´s hands (in respect or confusion).

eli olmak /da/ to have a hand in (something). (bir iş)

elinde olmak (for a job or work) to be within one´s power.

elinde olmamak to be beyond one´s control.

elini oynatmak to tip someone, give money.

el öpmek to kiss someone´s hand (in respect).

eli para görmek to start earning money (after having been without income).

eli pek stingy, closefisted.

el pençe divan durmak to stand respectfully with hands folded in front of oneself; to stand ready to receive orders.

el peşrevi slang a pat, caress.



ellerinize sağlık. Well done, thanks! (said to someone who has made food, handwork, etc.).

el sallamak to wave one´s hand, wave.

elimi sallasam ellisi, başımı sallasam tellisi. colloq. I only have to snap my fingers to have all the opposite sex at my bidding.

el sanatları handicrafts.

elim sende children´s game You´re it.

elini sıcak sudan soğuk suya sokmamak not to lift a finger to help with the housework.

eli sıkı closefisted, stingy.

el sıkmak to shake hands.

eli silah tutan
1. old enough to be drafted.
2. who knows how to use a gun.

eli sopalı bully.

eline su dökemez. /ın/ He is much inferior to (someone)./He cannot hold a candle to (someone).

el sunmak /a/ to extend one´s hand to (someone) in friendship.

el sürmemek /a/
1. not to touch.
2. not to do; not to lift a finger to (do something).
3. to show no interest in (something).

eli şakağında worried and pensive.

el şakası practical joke (done with the hands).

eli tartısız
1. who is unable to estimate weights.
2. who lacks a sense of proportion, immoderate.

el tazelemek
1. to take a rest break.
2. to put in a substitute.

el terazi, göz mizan. proverb Sometimes one only needs to guess at sizes.

el tutmak (for a job) to drag on for a long time.

elde tutmak /ı/
1. to own, possess.
2. to have control over (something); to monopolize.
3. to keep back (something) in reserve.
4. to hold back (a commodity) from the market.

elinden tutmak /ın/ to help, protect.

elle tutulacak tarafı/yanı kalmamak /ın/
1. (for something) to have no sound part left, be worn out, be shot.
2. to be completely untrustworthy.

elle tutulur, gözle görülür tangible, real, genuine.

eline tutuşturmak /ı/ to have (something) thrust into one´s hand.

eli uz skilled, deft, dexterous, clever with hands.

el uzatmak /a/
1. to try to take, try to touch (someone´s share).
2. to reach out to help.

el uzluğu skill, deftness, dexterity.

eli uzun thievish.

el üstünde gezmek to be very popular.

el üstünde tutmak /ı/ to treat (someone) with great respect and honor.

elde var bir math. and carry one.

eli varmamak/gitmemek /a/ not to have the heart (to do something).

elinle ver, ayağınla ara. colloq. Whatever you lend him, you may as well kiss good-bye.

elini veren kolunu alamaz. colloq. If you give him your hand you will lose your arm.

el vermek
1. /a/ to help, lend a hand.
2. /a/ to give permission to (someone) to initiate others.
3. /a/ to empower (someone) to act as a doctor.
4. playing cards to give up a trick.

ele vermek /ı/ to inform on (someone), tell on (someone).

eline vur, ekmeğini (ağzından) al. colloq. He is very meek and spiritless.

el vurmamak /a/
1. not to touch.
2. not to begin.

ellerim yanıma gelsin! colloq. Let me be struck dead if I am lying!

eli yatkın /a/ adept at (a work), having a knack for (a manual skill).

el yatkınlığı
1. skill acquired by practice.
2. deftness, dexterity.

eli yatmak /a/ to get used to (a job).

el yazısı handwriting.

el yazması
1. (handwritten) manuscript; script; handwritten book.
2. handwritten.

elini yıkamak /dan/ to wash one´s hands of (a business).

el yordamıyla gropingly.

eli yordamlı clever with his hands, deft.

eller yukarı! Hands up!

eli yüzü düzgün fairly pretty.
el * hand. * handwriting. * power, control. * assistance. * possession, ownership. * shot (discharge of a firearm). iskambil oyunları * deal.
el * stranger, alien. * people; tribe. * country.