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Türkçe » İngilizce Yukarı
  • {A} suitable, agreeable, conformable, appropriate, favorable, favourable [Brit.], convenienteligible, , proper, due, fair, well-matched, acceptable, accommodating, adaptable, adequate, advisableuygun!General
  • {INTRJ} fair enough!, , allowable, answerable, applicable, apposite, apropos, apt, becoming, befitting, calculated, comely, commensurate, comparative, compatible, concordant, congenial, congruent, congruous, consistent, cool, correct, decent, done, equal, expedient, felicitous, fine, fit, fitted, fitting, keen, likely, made-to-order, meet, opportune, permitting, pertinent, place: in place, propitious, proportional, prosperous, pursuant, relevant, ripe, seasonable, seemly, square, suited, tailormade, well
  • {CONJ} up to
  • {N} matching
  • {PREP} for
1. /a/ appropriate (for), suitable (for); suited (to); fitting, seemly.
2. convenient, suited to one´s needs or situation; favorable.
3. nicely proportioned, harmonious.

uygun bulmak/görmek /ı/ to approve, find (something) acceptable.

uygun düşmek/gelmek to be suitable, suit.
uygun * appropriate (for), suitable (for); suited (to); fitting, seemly. * convenient, suited to one's needs/situation; favorable. * nicely proportioned, harmonious.
uygun advisable
uygun apposite

Türkçe » İngilizce İlişkili Sonuçlar Yukarı
açık denize uygun
  • {A} seagoing
açık havaya uygun
  • {A} fair-weather
adalete uygun
  • {A} equitable
ahlâka uygun
  • {A} ethic, ethical
akla uygun
  • {A} reasonable, possible, advisable, colorable, conceivable, judicious, legitimate
akla uygun gelmek
  • {V} sense: make sense
akla uygun hale getirmek
  • {V} rationalize
akla uygun olarak
  • {ADV} reasonably
akla uygun olmayan
  • {A} absonant
amaca uygun
  • {A} relevant
askerliğe uygun
  • {A} able-bodied
aslına uygun
  • {A} letter-perfect, literal
aslına uygun olmayan
  • {A} unfaithful
baskıya uygun
  • {A} printable
birbirine uygun çift
  • {N} well-matched: a well-matched couple
büyü yapmaya uygun
  • {A} witching
çıkarlara uygun düşen
  • {A} expedient
çok uygun
  • {A} pat
demokrasiye uygun
  • {A} democratic
denize açılmaya uygun
  • {A} seaworthy